​Living For Peace Retreat - February 2014 - FDR State Park, Pine Mountain, GA

​Planning Retreat - February 2015 - Florence Marina State Park on Lake Eufaula

Learning From World Cultures - October 2012

​International Dinner - April 2013

​International Dinner - November 2011

​Circle of Friends - 2017

​Community Fair - 2015

IWPU History

​Circle of Friends - January 2012

International Women for Peace and Understanding

Learning From World Cultures - October 2013

​Atlantic Institute - Table of Abraham - April 2014

In the aftermath of the tragic events of of September 11, 2001, as everyone grappled with pain and grief, various churches held Interfaith meetings. People from all religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds came together and reached out to find and give comfort and support to one another, complete strangers were drawn to each other by a strong mutual urge and quest for peace. This yearning and search for answers helped to form new bonds and friendships. The driving force was a common and mutual desire to promote goodwill, understanding and compassion.

In December 2002, all these individual friendships and links that had formed earlier culminated at an Eid/Christmas/Hanukkah Party and blossomed in the form of the International Women for Peace and Understanding. As a group of women bonded by a strong commitment to break down walls and barriers that breed ignorance, hatred, and aggression (violence), the IWPU strives to build communities by promoting trust through knowledge and understanding. 

​Planning Retreat - Summer 2005 - Carolyn's House on the Lake

Learning From World Cultures - September 2011