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The 2019 International Supper will be held at Grace Methodist Church, Auburn, Alabama on Saturday March 30 at 6:00 PM. Please contact a member for ticket information.

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In our projects we strive to do more than simply impart information. Our goal is that people realize the importance of knowing, trusting, respecting, and communicating with others so that we may live in a peaceful world.

​International Dinners

​Community Fairs

​Compilation of K-12 Reading List of books about peace and understanding

Donation of books to media center in Auburn city schools

Participation in Mock UN Session at AU

Participation in Multi-cultural Club at Auburn High School

​Peace Projects at Boys and Girls Club

Presentation of The Peace Book​ to schools in Auburn, Opelika and Lee County




International Women for Peace and Understanding

Our mission is to bring together people of all faiths and cultures to work to promote understanding, trust, and peace in our communities.

International Women for Peace and Understanding (IWPU) is a group of women from various countries, cultural backgrounds and faith traditions who live in Auburn, Alabama, and surrounding areas.  We have organized in order to promote peace and understanding through our own friendships and through outreach to the public. Our members strive to increase cultural understanding by providing information about our cultural and religious backgrounds. We offer a speaker service to schools, civic organizations, and religious groups. Recognizing the value of discussion, we encourage conversations on a variety of issues, from cultural awareness to living as a foreigner in Alabama, from citizenship in the world to religious worldviews.
We want to create a future where dignity, respect, and justice determine how we live. We want to affirm the possibility for good that is inherent in all religions. We want to encourage a world where problems are solved peacefully


those in need

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